It's Easter Raffle Time
Friday 31st March - It's Easter Hamper Time.!! Be in with a chance to win....
Hampers for Every Class
This year we've a hamper for each class in RMDS & for the teachers too!

Welcome to RMDS Events, the PA site for all our school events for 2022/23!

RMDS Events is the Parent’s Associations very own, custom built website, to promote all of the events that will be taking place over the coming school year.  Everything from our Christmas Fair to our Halloween and Easter Raffles, as well as our amazing Quiz Night in The Hill and all the info you’ll need on the children’s Readathon and Sports Day.

Easter Raffle Time – Friday 31st March 11:00am

This year’s RMDS Easter Raffle will be, without a doubt, our sweetest and tastiest yet.  I’m not sure how we managed to do this, but we’ve extended Catherine Crowe’s contract for one more year at least, and she’s now busy with the design and development of our signature RMDS Easter Hampers.

We’ve nine hampers to be won, one for each class and one for the teachers. Tickets are only €5 this year and each hamper is chock full of chocs, chicks and countless other Easter goodies.  The clock is ticking and we’ve only one week to go before the big raffle, so don’t delay and be sure to give yourself the very best chance of winning that hamper.

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Latest News

The sensory room provides a calm space for children who can become overwhelmed by the busyness of the classroom. This ability to take a break allows the child to return to the class calm and centred. The room currently features artificial grass coverings with acrylic mirror, felt material, and a padded sun; a floor-to-ceiling colour-changing lava lamp; a wheel projector which projects water onto the floor, and a projector/light package with bluetooth music speaker. Funding permitting, the school intends to add a never-ending tunnel of lights, bubble mirror and a tactile pad along the padded wall, a hammock and squeeze machine, a sensory ball pool, and weighted blankets.

The sensory room was initially developed for children with additional needs but children throughout the school have enjoyed it. Children who may be a little anxious or unsettled can use it to take a break, to calm themselves and to help them cope with the stresses they have been dealing with. We’re very grateful that we can offer this very important facility to the children of RMDS