RMDS Christmas Fair is back
We've already begun preparations for this year's RMDS Christmas Fair
RMDS Christmas Fair Raffle
Support your child's class and grab a ticket (or tickets) for this year's draw, amazing prizes to come

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching, which means time for the PA to get busy organising the annual Christmas Fair. This year’s fair really does promise to be a great one again as the PA are now seasoned pros when it come to creating a safe, fun environment so that everyone can enjoy the spirit of Christmas and not have to worry.  The Christmas Raffle this year is looking like our best yet with a huge number of top raffle prizes already donated.   You can get your tickets online now up until the actual fair. Find out more….

All proceeds go directly to RMDS to pay for educational resources that are not funded by the Department of Education and Science, here’s a flavour of how the proceeds will be spent. Depending on what funding we have we’ll be looking to make the following additions to the sensory room:

  • A never-ending tunnel of lights
  • A bubble mirror and a tactile pad along the padded wall.
  • A hammock and squeeze machine
  • A sensory ball pool
  • Some weighted blankets

Latest News

The sensory room provides a calm space for children who can become overwhelmed by the busyness of the classroom. This ability to take a break allows the child to return to the class calm and centred. The room currently features artificial grass coverings with acrylic mirror, felt material, and a padded sun; a floor-to-ceiling colour-changing lava lamp; a wheel projector which projects water onto the floor, and a projector/light package with bluetooth music speaker. Funding permitting, the school intends to add a never-ending tunnel of lights, bubble mirror and a tactile pad along the padded wall, a hammock and squeeze machine, a sensory ball pool, and weighted blankets.

The sensory room was initially developed for children with additional needs but children throughout the school have enjoyed it. Children who may be a little anxious or unsettled can use it to take a break, to calm themselves and to help them cope with the stresses they have been dealing with. We’re very grateful that we can offer this very important facility to the children of RMDS