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The Parents’ Association was founded in RMDS in 2001. The aim of the Parents’ Association is to enable parents to play their part in ensuring the best and broadest possible education for their children, through the Association’s programme of activities. The Parents’ Association promotes the interests of the students in co-operation with the Board, Executive Committee, Principal, teachers and pupils, in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act, 1998.

The Parents’ Association will undertake a programme of activities which will, in accordance with the Principal, staff, Board of Management and Executive Committee:

  • Promote the active involvement of parents in enriching children’s experience of school life,
  • Provide a forum for discussion of issues of common interest to parents and a channel for the communication of these issues to the Principal and Board of Management,
  • Support parents in developing in their role as parents and in contributing to the school community,
  • Provide a social forum for parents.

Membership of the Parents’ Association includes all parents or guardians of children attending RMDS.

contributions & Fundraising

Our school is democratically run, but democracy has its price. We do not have the wealth of a church or any other institution behind us. All finance which we need must be raised by the Association. Money is needed in the school, both for current expenditure and for capital investment.

The Board of Management is responsible for the day to day running expenses of the school. These include essential services such as heating, lighting, cleaning and insurance as well as teaching aids and classroom supplies.

The capitation grant from the Department of Education covers less than half of these basic running costs. Parents have been asked to contribute an annual voluntary contribution to make up the shortfall. Parents’ generous support will continue to play a vital role every year in ensuring that our children benefit fully from the high quality teaching and learning environment in the school

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